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SEPT. 17 & 18, 2023


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Ready to Grow Your Clients' Hair and Grow Your Income?

  • Prepare for life-changing results with your client's hair.
  • Eliminate working long hours while consistently making 5-figures a month!
  • We work together to help you get paid in advance, attract quality clients, and recover your clients' confidence by restoring their hair.

Ready to transition From Hair Stylist to Hair Loss Expert? Then you're in the right place.


Why you're here:

You’re still struggling to get hair growth results, attract quality clients, and work fewer hours. It makes you feel overwhelmed.
And after trying to transition and map out your action plan in, you’re still struggling to book clients into your new hair loss program and have consistent five-figure months.

Now you feel doubtful, burnt out, and wondering if you’re even qualified to call yourself a hair loss expert. You’re frustrated by lack of results in your Hair Loss Business.
After years of servicing your clients' hair styling needs, you know you deserve to be more respected as an expert in the Hair Loss industry.

Becoming a Hair Loss Expert is possible once you apply my signature framework. This six-step process is the same strategy I’ve used over the past years to help my clients accomplish growth with their hair, and I have consistently hit five-figure months.

You know you can do it, too, and you are ready to make it happen.

Hi, I'm Shayna Simoné!

When I began to transition to a Hair Loss Expert, similar to you, I didn't know where to begin. I started out by researching all the hair growth remedies. I took several trichology courses trying to start my hair loss business

6-Months later, I was still taking courses. And while it was great that I was gaining knowledge, what it also did was stop me from taking action.
I was stuck in research mode that gave me the false illusion to just keep learning and not go and actually implement the knowledge.

In my journey of figuring out how to transition to a Hair Loss Expert, I discovered my passion for coaching hair stylists.

After taking several courses on how to launch my hair loss business and spending well over 20k on training, I FINALLY CRACKED THE CODE!

I decided to create a roadmap that will save you time, frustration, and money. I have narrowed my signature offer down to 6-Steps. This is the same process I used to become a Hair Loss Expert.

I have mastered consistently making five figures a month, treating hair loss conditions, and restoring my clients' confidence. Now I want to teach you the same.

Creating my Signature 6-Phase G.R.O.W.T.H. System has allowed me to;

  • Make multiple six figures in just 11 months as a hair loss expert
  • Double my income from my previous year as just a Hair Stylist
  • Afford to work fewer hours by reducing my schedule as a hair stylist to only one day a week!
  • Generate quality hair loss clientele that pays for services upfront

Build Your Plan To Become a Hair Loss Expert in 12-week.

Trichology and Hair Loss Schools are not teaching you how to transform your business. Unfortunately, I know this all too well.

As a former Hairstylist that transitioned to a Certified Hair Loss Expert, I have successfully reduced my hair styling clients and gained quality hair loss clients that we're searching for an expert.

I put together a simple process to transition from just doing hairstyles behind the chair to now becoming an expert in the Hair Loss Community in less than a year!

I have also successfully doubled my income with fewer clients. Currently, I help hairstylists grow their client's hair and achieve growth in their monthly income.